Sewer and Drain Lombard, IL

If you live or work in Lombard and you’ve been running into a drain or sewer problem, you can fix it with precision and speed.

Blue Whale Plumbing & Sewer specializes in sewer and drain work for Lombard. Our trained, licensed and insured professionals can help you save time and money with solutions for issues such as:

  • tree roots in the sewer
  • broken sewer
  • clogged sewer
  • sewer system backup
  • separated sewer
  • kitchen/bathroom sink clog
  • slow drain
  • low water pressure

We also know that when you have a drain or sewer problem, the last thing you want is to leave messages, work through a maze of voice prompts and be placed on extended hold. When you call us, you will connect with a live representative, not an automated or answering service. A Blue Whale professional also is available to speak with you at any hour, especially if it involves an emergency.

Other ways we can assist you in Lombard include:

  • shower, toilet & faucet repair and installation
  • rough plumbing for basements & additions
  • drain, water & gas pipes
  • whole-house water-line replacements
  • water heaters
  • drain-pipe & vent-stack replacements
  • sump & ejector pumps
  • backwater valves

Complete Service Truck for Lombard Sewer and Drain

We are fully equipped to solve your drain or sewer issue where and when you need us to. Just a few of the vital components we carry in our specially designed truck include:

  • LED lighting
  • the sewer and drain profession’s strongest drain-cleaning cables
  • a Ridgid® sewer camera with advanced locating equipment
  • pumping equipment for flooded basements and water-main breaks

Equally important to you, if we troubleshoot a problem that calls for sewer jetting, our jetter is on our truck. Usually, if a sewer and drain service needs a jetter, they will have to either return to their shop to retrieve it or schedule another visit. Both alternatives add more wait to your solution.

The Needed Expertise for Sewer and Drain in Lombard

Many people likely won’t contact a plumber until they absolutely have to. Typically, that might be once every several years. If for drain cleaning or sewer rodding or cleaning, that period might be even longer. Some are fortunate enough to have their sewer/drain system continue performing, but like anything else mechanical, it requires maintenance or it will develop issues over time. With sewers and drains, that could be a clogged bathroom sink, a sewer that needs jetting or rodding or a sewer being blocked by tree roots.

Standard plumbers and handymen are not fully qualified for proper Lombard sewer and drain work. You also want to receive accurate advice and information concerning your system. Mistaken guidance and understanding can worsen the current problem and end up costing you more.

Consulting with sewer and drain experts will ensure you solve your issue with precision and speed. With Blue Whale’s complete resources, you efficiently fix your drain or sewer setback.

Plus, you pay only direct labor and material costs – Blue Whale does not make a commission on sales. We also offer our Lombard customers fixed or discounted pricing on recurring services.

Resolve Your Sewer/Drain Issue Today

We know how worrisome and inconvenient a drain or sewer problem can be. We’re always ready to respond when you need a solution. Call us at (630) 737-1250 to speak with a Blue Whale drain and sewer professional about our service for Lombard.