Sewer and Drain Lisle, IL

Sewer and drain work in Lisle is the most efficient and potentially least costly when it is performed by trained and qualified drain and sewer specialists. Blue Whale Plumbing & Sewer serves Lisle with a full range of drain and sewer service including solutions for:

  • tree roots in the sewer
  • broken sewer
  • clogged sewer
  • sewer system backup
  • separated sewer
  • kitchen/bathroom sink clog
  • slow drain
  • low water pressure

If you live or work in Lisle and are experiencing sewer or drain problems such as these, we can help remove your concern and inconvenience as soon as possible. We also know you prefer reaching a live professional – not an answering service or a voice-prompt menu maze – so we ensure a Blue Whale technician is ready to speak with you at any hour.

We are also fully equipped to solve your drain or sewer issue where and when you need us to. Just a few of the vital components we carry in our specially designed truck include:

  • LED lighting
  • the sewer and drain profession’s strongest drain-cleaning cables
  • a Ridgid® sewer camera with locating equipment
  • pumping equipment for flooded basements and water-main breaks

Plus, our jetter is on our truck. Usually, if a sewer and drain service provider identifies a problem that calls for a jetter, they will have to return to their shop to retrieve it or arrange another visit, either of which makes you wait for a solution.

Sewer and Drain Solutions for Lisle

Most people probably won’t contact a plumber until they absolutely have to. On average, that might be once every few years. If for drain cleaning or sewer rodding or cleaning, that period might be even longer. However, many can run into the different problems that may develop over time, ranging from a slow drain to a major system backup that damages property and requires clean-up.

Sewer and drain work in Lisle is a precise skill that involves special training, licensing and insurance. Standard plumbers and handymen are not fully qualified to do sewer and drain work properly. You also want to receive accurate advice and information concerning your system. Mistaken guidance and understanding can worsen your initial issue and wind up costing you more.

Consulting with sewer and drain experts will ensure you solve a problem correctly. With Blue Whale’s complete resources, we efficiently fix your drain or sewer setback whether it’s bathroom sink clog or a sewer obstructed by tree roots.

Resolve Your Sewer/Drain Issue Today

We know how frustrating and inconvenient a challenge with a drain or sewer can be. We’re always ready to respond when you need a solution in Lisle. Call us at (630) 737-1250 to speak with a Blue Whale drain and sewer professional.


Plumbing (Illinois Department of Public Health)
Cross connection–control inspection (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency)